Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flag-rant délit in Belgium

Friday 8th July. Belgium. Compagnons Bâtisseurs headquarters.

Everybody was in Marche-en-Famenne, ready for flying the flag : 20 international volunteers, camp leaders, CBB team, ... Just one "NO SHOW"... THE FLAG !!!

Anyway, we had joy, we had fun, even without flag and sun.
The evening, after getting to know each other, we enjoyed our time at a concert organised in the city.

On Saturday, the whole group discussed about volunteering : its spirit, its meanings, ... through different kinds of workshops.
All these exchanges were translated into three new flags.

Interculturalism was a real wealth in these exchanges ... One more time, thanks to volunteering... and even more thanks to the volunteers, a great moment could be created. Thanks everybody for joining the (Without)Flag Tour event!

PS 1 : DON'T WORRY about the flag, it finally came the following Monday! We sent it directly to SJ France! BE HAPPY !!

PS 2 : Flagrant délit means like to catch somebody red-handed in French.

PS 3 : Last but not least, to practice your French, follow the link below, it will guide you to an article published in a local newspaper.

Have a great summer!

Mélanie from CBB team